Group Trip to the Tate Modern and Christmas Lunch at The Brigade

On Thursday 8th December we visited the Tate Modern on a group excursion to see some of the art works we had discussed in our sessions first hand, art work definitely has a more profound effect when seen in person compared to in books or on a screen.

We started in the Turbine Hall, the current installation ‘Anywhen’ by Philppe Parrenorain is described by the artist as ‘a construction of situations or sequences in a non-linear narrative’, it filled the hall with the sound of rain and at one point an aeroplane taking off! The movement of light around the round captured our attention and produced a mixed feeling within the group, for many of the guys this was the first art work of this kind they’d seen.

The Boiler House has got a new collection on display which is absolutely wonderful and the Switch House exhibition space is filled with really great works too. This was most people’s first visit to the Tate Modern but everyone’s first visit to the Switch House so we made a point of heading straight up to the 10th floor for the viewing platform catching the exhibition spaces on the way down. You most certainly need an entire day to see the Tate!

One artist’s works that we were particular keen to see were the Rothko paintings, couldn’t quite remember where it was in the gallery so it was a triumphant moment when we came across it on the second floor, one of our artist’s loved the paintings and made a joke that they gave him the feeling that Rothko could have been quite drunk when he made them, I think he was right on the money there! He is now feeling inspired to make paintings on a similarly large scale though a little sceptical about going up a ladder to reach the top!

Yutaka Takanashi’s work inspired another of our artist’s who is becoming increasingly interested in a more diverse variety of works in many different media. Takanashi’s photographs carry a very strong narrative capturing the atmosphere of the time in Tokyo, I think this has already started to inspire one of our artists onto a new line of enquiry.

We finished our trip with a Christmas dinner at The Brigade, a restaurant that was formerly a fire station on Tooley Street. We chose this fantastic restaurant firstly because they serve delicious, sustainably sourced dishes and secondly because it is a training kitchen which provides apprenticeships that help homeless people to develop skills and motivation to find employment, we think it’s a wonderful social enterprise.

By the end of the day we were left feeling thoroughly inspired and incredibly full up!